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Get a live preview of your store using Virtual Reality

Put on the headset and dive into a world of virtual reality to tour your future shop as if you were already inside.

Virtual reality (VR) is not science fiction. For our purposes it’s a technological aid that helps us best describe a project. At Modellando, we give our clients the opportunity to preview their store from the inside. The advanced 3D technology offers an interactive experience and when you put on the high-performance headset, it feels like you’re there in “real life.” This experience allows our clients to dive right into the project, accompanying and exceeding the traditional methods of the past, such as models and rendering. Design in VR mode makes it possible to enter the future of your eyecare store even before the construction begins. Modellando believes in innovation and strives to involve the client throughout every phase of the project: VR Mode is the perfect representation of these values.



It’s not about seeing a model or reading and interpreting a design on a piece of paper: it’s about virtually standing inside the store and getting a 360 degree view of how it will look.


In VR Mode you can experience the space as it will actually appear when completed. You can move around inside your virtual store to get a better understanding of the layout and to assess the options, using not only your eyes, but your whole body.


VR Mode is undoubtedly an innovative method through which Modellando collaborates with clients, but it is also a way to speed up the process and give the client a more natural understanding of the project.

Pivotal element for production, always involved and active even in the preliminary stages of implementation with technical contributions aimed at improving a virtuous process that reiterates with the design.

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