Design of “Spazio Ottica”

Design of "Spazio Ottica" Modellando

Spazio Ottica We design the flagship for future chains. We plan designs that will enhance the store based on the surrounding environment. Case study The location chosen by this business is inside the shopping area at the Tiburtina Station in Rome. This is Rome’s second largest train station, after the more well-known Termini Station, and … Read more

Design of “Ottica Rossitto Valentina”

Design of “Ottica Rossitto Valentina” Modellando

Ottica Rossitto di Valentina We will create a layout that will guarantee continuity in your shop’s décor. We will give you a unique design to bring out your visual identity. Case study The store is located on a main street in downtown Avola, within walking distance of the main square. It can also be reached … Read more

Design of “O51”

Design of “O51” Modellando

O51 We create a unique interior design that brings out the store’s aesthetic identity and strategic layout. Case study This shop is located in a lively area of Bucharest inside the “Beneasa Shopping City” complex. The clientele is diverse and the store’s focus is on exclusive, luxury brands. The space was previously occupied by a … Read more