We Build Furniture and Fixtures for Eyecare Stores

The decision to remodel an eyecare store may be made after considering different factors that depend entirely on the client. It is Modellando’s job to understand and formulate the best solutions in restyling.

Design and Build

One benefit provided by Modellando is definitely the ability to build furniture and fixtures in house. Having our own construction department allows for direct communication between those who envision and design the elements and those who build them. Everything is done by our team, and the high quality of our products results from the perfect mix of professionals from our various departments.

Our construction department is made up of various specialists who communicate with our architects and engineers on a daily basis to improve the quality of our products. Any clarifications between designers and builders can be made in real time to make modifications and optimize every item produced.

The advantages of having our own team of builders

In-house production allows us to make prototypes

Our in-house production allows us to put high-quality, tried and tested items on the market, as well as to experiment with new designs every day. The close collaboration between designers and builders leads to the active development of prototypes, thanks to which we can evaluate the pros and cons of prospective items to build in the future.

Custom-built Furniture and Fixtures for Eyecare Stores Modellando

Machinery always available

Modellando is fortunate to have both traditional and CNC machinery available. The precision cutting offered by the tools and machines we use, along with the skill of our highly trained professionals, ensures that each and every item is built to the highest standards.

Our projects

Some projects completed for our clients.

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