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After the initial meeting with the client comes the truly important phase: Modellando focuses on design, because that is the phase when ideas become solutions and the aesthetic becomes functional.

Why do we place so much importance on design?

“Content precedes design. Design in the absence of content is not design, it’s decoration.” (Jeffrey Zeldmann).
Design itself is the fruit of a planning process where the content is both the guiding principle and the goal of the end product. The first step is a thorough analysis of the scenario, the client, and the client’s needs. Once all available information has been gathered, the activity of planning, in the true sense of the word, can begin. Various Modellando professionals will present the client with several options. Designing a store involves thinking up and creating the interior architecture based on the different spaces and essential elements. The added value of a successful design is a consistent idea that comes into play naturally during each phase and in every space.

Modellando’s work follows each client’s needs step by step in remodeling his or her eyecare store. One of the main areas to focus on in designing an eyecare store is the lighting on the eyewear fixtures. Every shopowner has his or her own idea on how to categorize eyeglasses and sunglasses, whether they be divided into sport and fashion, split up brand by brand, and so forth. The Modellando professionals work to find the best solution for every specific request. Glasses are inherently related to light, vision, the way in which we all perceive the world around us. It is for this very reason that we need to choose the most effective lighting when putting glasses on display, to direct the spotlight at the item and capture customers’ attention. Special attention must be paid to the natural light, where present, and how to integrate artificial sources of light, which are often an essential part of the décor chosen by Modellando.

The importance of lighting for your eyewear displays

Eyecare Store Design Modellando

Is there such thing as the perfect floorplan?

Modellando strives to find the best solution possible to suit each client and each eyecare store. This means that the layout of interior spaces, fixtures, and furniture may vary significantly from store to store, yet still achieve the same level of quality. The end result is successful when it has translated the client’s needs into a welcoming, functional environment with eyewear as the main focus, but also a place that draws customers in and allows them to move around comfortably. 

Eyecare Store Design Modellando

Design for optics, designing in color

The world of optics is surely one with a close connection to colors, both because of the vast array of glasses on display, and based on the very essence of vision: the perception of light. All of this is transferred to the design of an eyecare store. In fact, Modellando is highly interested in studying colors. During the design phase, we evaluate all of the chromatic components that could provide added value for the store. From walls to displays, from furniture to flooring, décor and finishing touches, the color scheme always contributes to the overall harmony of a space.

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