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Designing an interior is not only about decorating the space, but also making it functional and bringing it to life.
The process of choosing an interior design for an eyecare store entails brainstorming, working onsite, and responding punctually to the client’s needs.

New interior design as a tool to boost sales

Why is the interior design of your eyecare store so important? This seems like an insignificant question, but it’s actually what you’re asking yourself every time you feel that something in your store is not quite right, or when you’re thinking of starting with a clean slate. It’s a need that may arise due to various factors. You may want to remodel your store if the décor has become a little passé, or perhaps you simply need a different space for new activities. When opening a new store, the décor is the element that breathes life into the space, giving it a unique personality and style. Whether you’re opening a new shop or simply restyling things, your business will get an energy shot and you’ll see an increase in sales. Working with the Modellando team of professionals to create a unique, recognizable style for your store can be used as a resource to boost business.

There is a vast range of ideas on how an eyecare store might be set up. You may have a minimalistic style in mind, with a limited range of colors, essential lines, and light sources highlighting only the main areas of interest.
On the other hand, you could lean towards wood and other materials that provide a warm, welcoming vibe and integrate perfectly with the surroundings to convey the company’s personality. There is no single right way to design the ideal store: there are ideas, and then comes Modellando to help organize those ideas based on your goals.

Interior design ideas for your store

Elements in your eyecare store

What are the most essential fixtures for an eyecare store? Are some elements more important than others or does the strength lie in their perfect integration? Obviously, the initial selection of furniture and fixtures may depend on the space available. In a smaller space, we focus on the essence of functionality and, therefore, the furniture and fixtures. In a larger space, we may be able to get creative with more complex design solutions.

Interior Design for Eyecare Stores Modellando

Selecting materials for your eyecare store

Materials and shapes are the elements that add character to an environment and make it unique. In the eyecare sector, the choice of materials must reflect the identity you want to express, especially since there’s a connection to the world of fashion. Every store can have a different style – traditional, innovative, welcoming, modern. The choice of materials will make all the difference and certain elements will take the spotlight during an important phase in the design process. Wood, plexiglass, glass, eco-friendly materials – each element communicates its own specific message to the observer.

Interior Design for Eyecare Stores Modellando

The choice of design for your eyecare store

The Modellando team has a specific goal: staying up-to-date on all the latest trends, innovative materials, and new technology to implement in your design.
For this reason, we know all of our clients will be able to choose the design that feels like the best fit. The design and message are summed up in a carefully thought out process and they bring the store’s aesthetic appeal to life. However, it’s not a valid design unless it also adapts to the functional aspect. Modellando takes on the challenge of being original and innovative, with solutions that stay on theme and fully meet the client’s needs.

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