We create a unique interior design that brings out the store’s aesthetic identity and strategic layout.

Case study

This shop is located in a lively area of Bucharest inside the “Beneasa Shopping City” complex.
The clientele is diverse and the store’s focus is on exclusive, luxury brands. The space was previously occupied by a shoe store and, therefore, the new layout and décor for the eyecare store were designed from scratch, starting with a trapezoid-shaped floorplan with walls at a 45° angle. The only original element kept was some flooring, which we integrated into the detailing on the front section of the sales counter.

Shelves Glasses Exposition Beneasa o51

Client’s goals


There was a great deal of cooperation with the foreign architectural firm during the design phase. In terms of interior design, the focal point of this project was the sales counter, where we had to meet the requirements of the client, the architectural firm, and the overall design.

o51 Beneasa Eyecare Store Bucharest
Bucharest o51 optical shop

The reserved sales counter is a true piece of design created specifically for this project. The need to place it in the center of the room meant that we had to pay a great deal of attention to its shape and lines. It consists of a high-quality table with one leg made of curved sheet metal painted copper and a soft-touch surface. To complete the set, there are two carefully selected chairs that fit perfectly with the overall style of the store.

The carefully chosen pairing of “copper” with the iridescent tones in the metallic baby blue make the setting elegant, professional, and inviting. Overall, the interior design ensured that the décor and architectural elements melded together harmoniously without a need to create continuity.

Shelves Wall o51 Bucharest

Phases of Design

As usual, we divided the project into three macro steps:


To plan individual projects.


Technical checks after the partitioning and finishing touches have been completed.


Where we make sure the executive design and final product are consistent with each other.

Difficulties overcome

We worked in cooperation with an architectural firm in Romania managing to exchange ideas and design material remotely.
One major issue was how to manage the area of useable ceiling height specifically with regard to the dimensions of our display panels and the vertical supports of the false ceilings in the store.
Another element that required a great deal of thought was the door to the storage area, which was custom built specifically to fit in the back area behind the counter.

o51 Beneasa Eyecare Store Bucharest

Our favorite detail

The detail we liked best and feel most accurately represents us are the drawer handles. They complement the linear design of the drawers and fit perfectly with the color scheme chosen to decorate the store: baby blue and copper.

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